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"To Be Human"

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    New page: Fjellhenn The fjellse men prefer solitude. All of their holdings, but one, are located within the steep and treacherous mountains - the only thing...
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    New page: Alfrodull The vast steppes and hills that this nation encompasses are mostly untouched by civilization. A few Alfrodullian cities stand, near...
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    New page: Hye Kin’Raa ( Hi Kin Rah ) The remnants of an old and powerful empire. It’s borders to the south and east have been torn apart by war, rebellion and...
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    New page: Théama ( Theh amah ) A strange land, where a man’s worth is measured by the color of his eyes. The bright and rare sit at the top, while the dull and...
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    New page: Eran Former home to the spellsong tribes, now largely populated by the descendants of Karseld. The lands are highly infertile, the people sickly,...
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    New page: Karseld Home to hardy and superstitious folk. Once driven by curiosity and ambition, they lacked caution, which cost them dearly. During one of their...
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    New page: Western Colovia Karseld Eran Theama Hye Kin'Raa Alfrodull Fjellhenn
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